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Art - Expect the Unexpected by Elizabeth Howliston

Art is about emotional experience, a visual and visceral exploration of light and form. Its sheer loveliness often takes us by surprise. The portrait which beckons from across a room, the evocative landscape which takes your breath away. The simplicity of a line drawing or reflective nude. A piece of art chooses you, it says, I belong with you.

We do not have to decide to collect art, we can select a wonderful piece for no better reason than we love it and it reflects our taste and style.

The expression that a painting or piece of art chooses you holds true, there is always a wall or shelf screaming out for that wonderful statement piece, that talking point.

The piece should unashamedly reflect your taste and individuality wether it is a bolt studded skull or a delicate line drawing! You will have your own taste and style, a room design which is just waiting for that finishing touch, or you may find a piece at the Beehive which you love so much that you design your room around it!

Consider your budget, buying at art festivals is a great beginning for any budding collector. Shops and galleries are great hunting grounds where explanation about paintings may be available. You want some 'provenance' if you want to be sure the painting is by a particular hand, for example where and when it was painted, information about the artist themselves. Student art shows are often interesting, usually modern and full of light colour and drama.

Think about what investment you wish to make, an original piece will be more expensive but it is just that a one off, its colour and atmosphere never repeated. Limited editions of original paintings are also interesting, the earlier in the print run the better. These pieces are usually wet signed by the artist. On any piece you find, check for signature and date, look on the back of the painting for details of its history.

If you do purchase an original, unless the frame is damaged or ghastly it is worth considering leaving it intact. It is often part of the provenance of a piece.

At the Beehive the range of dealer interests and styles ensures plenty of choice from seascapes in oil, delicate pencil drawings, and dramatic sculptural pieces. Abstract or representational we just might have the stand out piece you have been searching for.

Come and visit us and let's talk about art!

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